7th May: National Packaging Design Day with Boddingtons Electrical

Packaging is important; no matter what brand, business or sector you work in, we all understand that! But just how important is packaging to a brand and their products? Well, here at Boddingtons Electrical, we certainly know the importance of high quality packaging and how it impacts our brand.

Protecting your Product

The packaging for all our products is designed to protect our insulated tools and safety products from damage, including our sturdy plastic tool cases that aim to keep your tools safe when out of use. That’s why high quality packaging is important to us, as we strive to provide our customers with long-lasting tools and don’t want any outside damage ruining the high performance our customers have come to expect from our tools.


Secure transit of our product is provided through our packaging. When you have spent lots of money on tools, you want to make sure that they stay safe when you’re not using them. Our highly secure toolkit cases are made to be tamper-resistant and prevent harm for dangerous substances and products to reduce damage and theft of your tools.

Being Different

At Boddingtons Electrical we like to think that our products stand out from the crowd! We have created our very own toolbox packaging to guarantee all our products are delivered in the best possible manner. All our tools can also be personalised to your specifications.

 In 2015, we designed our very own, personalised toolbox packaging to ensure our insulated tool kit is kept safe and sound for use. Our in-house laser marking and cutting technology that allows us to permanently print on all of our tools, combining our innovative design and manufacturing team with our supplier’s very needs.

 Whether you want customised tools with bespoke markings or a custom made toolkit set in foam filled case, we will strive to meet your every need.

 To find out more information about our personalised packaging, call 01376 567490 or email info@boddingtons-electrical.com