A Guide to Boddingtons Tools for Apprentices

After 3 years of training to become a qualified electrician it can be daunting being sent off into the industry all alone. With a little help from Boddingtons Electrical at least you will have the best set of tools and be well equipped for whatever comes your way.  

It’s often the way that the company running your apprenticeship will supply you with any expensive machinery you require, however you will need to source your day to day essentials.

Here at Boddingtons, as the leading supplier of insulated tools we know what tools make a great tool box and why you should choose us above the rest. Here are some of the advantages that our equipment may have above other brands:

Fantastic quality – It may seem like the easy choice to head down to your nearest high street store but where is the promise of good quality and long lasting equipment? Here at Boddingtons Electrical we manufacture and test all of our products here in the UK, so you can rest assured that we will be providing you with the durable tools you need.

Personalisation – If you would like your tools to be unique, our team can laser-mark them with your business name to help raise brand awareness. Not only will you know your stuff, you will look the part too. You could even have your name printed on them so that your clients know to ask specifically for you when they need a job done.

Repairs – Our in-house team and machinery can repair your tools when they are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves. We can even re-insulate your tools to the standard as if they were brand new. Unsure if your tools are in need of this service? We can test their performance so that you aren’t caught out!

As you can see there are some definitive reasons to choosing Boddingtons and our quality insulated tools. For further information or to have a closer look please visit our website for the full selection of equipment and tool kits.