Benefits of Buying British-Made Insulated Tools

In a recent survey, it was found that 73% of British people thought it was important to buy “British-Made” products.

Maybe twenty to thirty years ago, many people were using tools made right here in the UK. However, due to rising labour prices and globalisation, in recent years the tools electricians are using have been manufactured overseas. 

For the team at Boddingtons, we like to address factors such as carbon footprints and working conditions abroad to get consumers thinking about where their products are from. British-made products are starting to grow in popularity and so the UK manufacturing industry employs 2.6 million people.

For those concerned about the factors affected British tool manufacturers, what are the economic, social and environmental benefits of buying British-made products? 

Control over Supply Chains

As a manufacturer, you have control over the supply of products designed and produced, meaning the supply chain is shorter and more transparent. As a consumer, you can work with the manufacturer to work directly to make any changes or adjustments, meaning you receive a more personalised experience when buying from British-made tools. At Boddingtons Electrical, we manufacturer all our insulated hand tools in our Braintree factory with options to personalise the tools with businesses’ logos.

Fast Turnaround

For products designed and manufactured overseas, the time between placing an order and receiving the delivery is a long one. Whereas, British-made tools have a much quicker turnaround as the deliveries have least distance to travel. With Boddingtons Electrical you will receive a flat rate delivery throughout the UK, meaning you will receive your insulated tools as fast as possible.

High Quality

Manufacturers will have access to products throughout the full production of their tools, meaning you can easily assure a high standard of product. The manufacturing team at Boddingtons undertake rigorous quality checks to ensure each and every one of our tools are finished to a high standard. This means any issues with the products are picked up immediately, rather than waiting for the products to arrive with consumers before issues are spotted.

Supporting British Economy

Most importantly, buying British helps to support our country’s economy and in turn, supports employment and entrepreneurs. We like to think that this helps to keep the tool manufacturing industry innovative and maintains the traditions of previous manufacturing, meaning future generations will continue to enjoy and benefit from British-made goods.

If you’re interested in stocking Boddingtons Electricals’ insulated tools and electrical safety products, call the team on 01376 567490.