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Is Your Stock Prepared for Summer Holidays?

Summer is officially here and it won’t be long until the summer holidays are upon us! While we relish in the warm weather and longer days, electricians will be busily preparing their toolboxes ahead of a busy six-week period.

If you have ever worked as an electrician yourself, you will understand how notoriously busy the summer holidays are - almost doubling your workload each day!

With the kid’s home for the summer and parents fretting around after them, the summer break ofte

Boddingtons Electrical Discuss The Perfect Tools for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Thanks to their popularity, petrol-saving Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles are becoming a common sight on our roads and just like normal, gas-guzzling cars; these vehicles break down and need repairs.

When carrying out maintenance and repairs on vehicles, it’s important to stay safe – as these environmentally friendly cars come with high voltages and an even higher risk of electrocution.

At Boddingtons Electrical, we ma

Making Sure Your Customers’ Tool Kits Are Ready for Bank Holiday

As much as the Boddingtons team loves a bank holiday, we know how much hassle the long weekend can cause to your customers – that’s why we are encouraging our suppliers to prepare their clients for this bank holiday (and of course future ones).

Here’s what you need to know about planning in advance of bank holiday weekend work:

As you will know, for most electricians’ bank holiday Monday is just ‘another workday’ so they will probably be working despite

Boddingtons Electrical Charity Fundraising and How You Can Take Part

Boddingtons Electrical often likes to discuss the quality of our tools and our high standard of customer service, but forget to talk about all the important work carried out behind the scenes here at the Boddingtons office.

While we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of insulated tools and electrical safety products, one of our other business goals was not to appear as a huge, faceless corporation. Instead we want our suppliers to get to know the team who provi [...]

What Suppliers Should Know About Boddingtons Electricals’ High Quality Insulated Tools

With over 30 years experience in manufacture and supply of insulated tools and electrical safety equipment Boddingtons Electrical have evolved their manufacturing process and built up an excellent understanding of high quality products.

We think the knowledge of our top quality safety products should be passed onto our current and potential suppliers so that they can guarantee their customers the finest class of electrical safety products and insulated tools.

High Quality [...]

7th May: National Packaging Design Day with Boddingtons Electrical

Packaging is important; no matter what brand, business or sector you work in, we all understand that! But just how important is packaging to a brand and their products? Well, here at Boddingtons Electrical, we certainly know the importance of high quality packaging and how it impacts our brand.

Protecting your Product

The packaging for all our products is designed to protect our insulated tools and safety products from damage, incl [...]

The Perfect Kit for Fitting Smart Meters

Did you know that every home in Britain will have a smart meter installed by 2020? Get ahead of the game this year when you supply your customers with Boddingtons Electricals’ smart meter kit.

Smart meters are the next generation of meter for both gas and electricity, replacing the old technology meters that were created decades ago. Instead, smart meters use a secure national communication network (DCC) that automatically and wirelessly sends your energy usage to the supplier. Households w [...]

A Guide to Boddingtons Tools for Apprentices

After 3 years of training to become a qualified electrician it can be daunting being sent off into the industry all alone. With a little help from Boddingtons Electrical at least you will have the best set of tools and be well equipped for whatever comes your way.  

It’s often the way that the company running your apprenticeship will supply you with any expensive machinery you require, however you will need to source your day to day essentials.

Here at Boddingtons, as the leadi [...]

World Day for Health and Safety at Work with Boddingtons Electrical

Did you know the 28th of April marks World Day for Health and Safety at Work? The International Labour Organisation’s annual day focuses on bringing attention to the problem of injuries at the workplace and creates a safe and healthy workplace culture to reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries.

According to self-reports, in 2016, 621,000 workers were involved in non-fatal injury at work; out of these injuries 350,000 received electric shocks at work and six were wor [...]

National Experience Week: Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship Checklist

Now you’ve signed up to be an electrical engineering apprentice you will need a toolkit to help you complete your apprenticeship! And Boddingtons Electrical has all the tools you will need during your career as an electronic engineer.

Here is Boddingtons Electricals top choice of tools for apprentices.

Insulating Gloves

It goes without saying that it is important to stay safe while working with electrics! That why you need our fully insulating gloves, each t [...]

On the Hunt for New Electrical Equipment

Easter is just around the corner so instead of consuming tonnes of chocolate and sweet treats, why don’t you invest in a new set of insulated tools? Not only will this be beneficial to your business but your safety as an employee or employer.

Boddingtons Electrical are the leading supplier and manufacturer of insulated tools in the UK. With a huge range of tools, protective equipment and over 30 years’ experience in the safety equipment industry we believe that our products are the pe

Personalisation with Boddingtons Electrical

Here at Boddingtons Electrical we are able to offer an exclusive personalisation service for our customers. Our machinery on site allows us to laser mark our tools and the exterior of our tool kits to create your very own personal tool kit for your business. We have put together a short but informative guide on the process and the reasoning behind the procedure.

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