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Coping with the summer slowdown with Boddingtons Electrical

As the weather starts to warm up and the days start getting longer, you may find a slump in sales as consumers are off on holidays or not working as much. As a business, how can you cope with the expected summer slowdown?

Established over 30 years, Boddingtons Electrical have successfully maintained their position as one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers - even in the summer!

In the summer, most companies start to exper [...]

Boddingtons BBQ Together with Farleigh Hospice

 As you know, Boddingtons Electrical are taking part in the annual £50 challenge in partnership with Farleigh Hospice.

As we are sure you fully appreciate, local businesses are invited to take part in order to raise as much money for charity as physically possible. You can raise funds through any method of your choosing. Here at Boddingtons Electrical, we have already managed to double our £50 by partaking in a Grand National Sweepsta [...]

Benefits of Buying British-Made Insulated Tools

In a recent survey, it was found that 73% of British people thought it was important to buy “British-Made” products.

Maybe twenty to thirty years ago, many people were using tools made right here in the UK. However, due to rising labour prices and globalisation, in recent years the tools electricians are using have been manufactured overseas. 

For the team at Boddingtons, we like to address factors such as carbon footprints and working conditions abroad to get consumers thinking about where [...]

Boddingtons Electrical Talks: Our Very Own Twitter Hour

The team here at Boddingtons Electrical are always looking for ways to connect with our customers. After all, we take pride on building a personable, approachable business. 

We feel that electricians shouldn’t always be treated as ‘independent workers’ as it can make you feel isolated. However, there are many others that feel like you… cue the Boddingtons Electrical Twitter hour! 

What is the Boddingtons Twitter [...]

Boddingtons Electrical Together with Farleigh Hospice

Here at Boddingtons Electrical, as much as we enjoy our work and what we do we also take immense joy in connecting with our customers and local charities.

Farleigh Hospice has recently launched the annual £50 challenge and the team here at Boddingtons are pleased to announce we are taking part!

What is the £50 Challenge all about?

Each year, [...]

Get to Know Your Customer’s Day: Boddington’s Top-Quality Customer Service

On the third Thursday of July, Get to Know Your Customer Day encourages businesses to focus on their clients and spend time getting to know their interests and needs.

At Boddingtons Electrical, we understand exactly what makes our customers tick and believe we do a great job in keeping them happy with the quality and effectiveness of Boddingtons’ insulated hand tools and electrical safety equipment.


Keeping Up to Date with Boddingtons Electrical

Are you one of our suppliers, and looking to stay updated with Boddingtons related news?

Or maybe you’re a potential supplier searching for more information about our insulated tools or electrical safety PPE? Well, the team at Boddingtons Electrical have three easy ways to keep up-to-date with Boddingtons news.

Social Media

Nowadays who doesn’t have some form of social media?! We regularly post on Twitter with details of our charity work, the events we’re attending and inf [...]

Is Your Stock Prepared for Summer Holidays?

Summer is officially here and it won’t be long until the summer holidays are upon us! While we relish in the warm weather and longer days, electricians will be busily preparing their toolboxes ahead of a busy six-week period.

If you have ever worked as an electrician yourself, you will understand how notoriously busy the summer holidays are - almost doubling your workload each day!

With the kid’s home for the summer and parents fretting around after them, the summer break ofte

Boddingtons Electrical Discuss The Perfect Tools for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Thanks to their popularity, petrol-saving Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles are becoming a common sight on our roads and just like normal, gas-guzzling cars; these vehicles break down and need repairs.

When carrying out maintenance and repairs on vehicles, it’s important to stay safe – as these environmentally friendly cars come with high voltages and an even higher risk of electrocution.

At Boddingtons Electrical, we ma

Making Sure Your Customers’ Tool Kits Are Ready for Bank Holiday

As much as the Boddingtons team loves a bank holiday, we know how much hassle the long weekend can cause to your customers – that’s why we are encouraging our suppliers to prepare their clients for this bank holiday (and of course future ones).

Here’s what you need to know about planning in advance of bank holiday weekend work:

As you will know, for most electricians’ bank holiday Monday is just ‘another workday’ so they will probably be working despite the closures in most businesses and g [...]

Boddingtons Electrical Charity Fundraising and How You Can Take Part

Boddingtons Electrical often likes to discuss the quality of our tools and our high standard of customer service, but forget to talk about all the important work carried out behind the scenes here at the Boddingtons office.

While we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of insulated tools and electrical safety products, one of our other business goals was not to appear as a huge, faceless corporation. Instead we want our suppliers to get to know the team who provi [...]

What Suppliers Should Know About Boddingtons Electricals’ High Quality Insulated Tools

With over 30 years experience in manufacture and supply of insulated tools and electrical safety equipment Boddingtons Electrical have evolved their manufacturing process and built up an excellent understanding of high quality products.

We think the knowledge of our top quality safety products should be passed onto our current and potential suppliers so that they can guarantee their customers the finest class of electrical safety products and insulated tools.

High Quality


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