Boddingtons Electrical Charity Fundraising and How You Can Take Part

Boddingtons Electrical often likes to discuss the quality of our tools and our high standard of customer service, but forget to talk about all the important work carried out behind the scenes here at the Boddingtons office.

While we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of insulated tools and electrical safety products, one of our other business goals was not to appear as a huge, faceless corporation. Instead we want our suppliers to get to know the team who provide you with your top-quality tools and excellent customer service.

When not busy working at the head office in Braintree, Essex, the team at Boddingtons Electrical is annually taking part in the £50 Challenge that aims to raise money for local charity, Farleigh Hospice. Each year, our team club together their very best fundraising ideas and turn a single £50 note into thousands and thousands of pounds.

On the 8th April, we doubled our current £50 by running a sweepstake for the Grand National; Shaun from Braintree Printing won the draw at £41.

But we don’t stop there! We are also planning a summer BBQ for the team and suppliers, a raffle for local businesses across Essex and a car wash day held by Boddingtons’ staff.

The team at Boddingtons Electrical also sponsored the UK Firefighters Sailing Challenge 2017 for the 9th year running - our team even jumped aboard the Boddingtons’ boat! Held at the start of May, the UK Firefighters Sailing Challenging helps to raise money for a number of charities across the UK that are close to the team at Boddingtons’ hearts.

Are you interested in taking part in our fundraising efforts? Keep an eye on our Twitter page for updates or be sure to contact us on 01376 567490 if you want to donate to our current fundraising.