Boddingtons Electrical Talks: Our Very Own Twitter Hour

The team here at Boddingtons Electrical are always looking for ways to connect with our customers. After all, we take pride on building a personable, approachable business. 

We feel that electricians shouldn’t always be treated as ‘independent workers’ as it can make you feel isolated. However, there are many others that feel like you… cue the Boddingtons Electrical Twitter hour! 

What is the Boddingtons Twitter Hour?

The team here at Boddingtons Electrical are always trying to create new, innovative ways to connect with our clients. Recently a lightbulb went off (pardon the pun) and we decided to create our very own Twitter hour!

Tell Me More! 

The Boddingtons Electrical Twitter Hour takes place every Wednesday from 4pm until 5pm. We have managed to create a time where electricians from all across the UK, or even the world, can come together and connect as a community.

This gives trades men and women the opportunity to ask questions and share any advice they may have.

Not only that, but it also gives you a chance to push your company and services. During this hour, if you come to us, we will retweet you! 

You can share your tips and tricks with others using the hashtag #BodsElectricianHour.

 By joining in with us you will share your experiences and expand your knowledge and hopefully gain a sense of community with others! Due to many people being independent, you may not have the chance to interact with many others in the same trade - thus breaking up your week and giving you some sweet release.

 How Can I Join in?

The best part of this Twitter hour is that it’s not an exclusive club. All you have to do is have a Twitter account and use the hashtag #BodsElectricianHour. It really is that simple. No mess. No fuss.

If you would like more information about our Twitter hour or any other services we offer, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team!