Boddingtons Electrical: The Importance of Earthing Equipment

At Boddingtons Electrical, based in Braintree, we pride ourselves on keeping people throughout the country and overseas safe in live electrical. We are committed to providing electrical safety products of the very highest standard, while remaining up-to-date with new designs and bespoke solutions.

Temporary or Portable earthing equipment is one of the key areas of kit that we specialise in and is an integral piece of safety equipment for engineers working on power cables, switchgear or substations. 

At Boddingtons Electrical, we offer a range of high quality earthing equipment, from earthing rods and connection clamps to single phase and three phase copper cables and connectors to safety in your electrical environment. 

All of our products can be seen on the website: simply look under the ‘Earthing Equipment’ tab and add whichever items you require to your enquiry. Once this is done, you can submit the enquiry to receive your quote. You can also download our catalogue, for a comprehensive index of all of the tools and equipment we have on offer. With our huge and diverse range of available products, you can trust that Boddingtons Electrical can accommodate your every need when it comes to electrical safety.