Boddingtons Electrical Together with Farleigh Hospice

Here at Boddingtons Electrical, as much as we enjoy our work and what we do we also take immense joy in connecting with our customers and local charities.

Farleigh Hospice has recently launched the annual £50 challenge and the team here at Boddingtons are pleased to announce we are taking part!

What is the £50 Challenge all about?

Each year, Birkett Long donate £1,500 to Farleigh Hospice. Farleigh Hospice then decide to invite all local businesses and community groups to take part. In 2016 all the local businesses that took part in the £50 challenge managed to convert the £1,500 to £22,000, a figure that we found astounding and were overjoyed to have helped contribute towards.

Essentially, each business and group that wishes to take part are given a £50 note and are asked to turn it into as much money as they possibly can within 12 weeks.

Everyone is encouraged to be as innovative and creative as they possibly can (as long as it’s legal!) This annual event is a great way to engage in team bonding, meet like-minded people and enjoying fundraising for the local hospice.

What are Boddingtons Electrical doing?

The team like to keep our fundraising activities fun, new and unique. We have a  dedicated fund raising team of 5 who are as passionate as physically possible about raising money for this very worthy cause. This is because in today’s world, almost everyone has been directly or indirectly touched by a life-threatening illness.

We are also pleased to share with our readers that we have already doubled our £50 by partaking in a Grand National sweepstake.

How can you get involved?

If you would like more information on how you can get involved with the £50 challenge, check out our Twitter page for regular updates, or alternatively give us a call on 01376 567 490.