Boddingtons’ Guide to Keeping Your Holiday Home Safe

For the fortunate few who have a holiday home, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if it is safe or not when you leave. That’s why when owning a holiday home, it’s especially important to keep your holiday home safe, and even more important if your renting it out to tenants for holidays.

We at Boddingtons Electricals, know the importance of electrical safety and pride ourselves on the quality of our products as well as being one of the uk’s leading supplier of electrical safety products. 

Records show that Holiday homes are more at risk from electric safety, as they get more wear and tear then a usual home, especially with different people staying in it sometimes daily. If you own a holiday home that you rent out to others, it is your responsibility under the law to ensure the home is safe. 

First things first ensure that your property is safe. This includes any installations that supply electricity into the home, including all electrical fixtures and lights, as well as any portable appliances that you provide to your tenant. But how can you do this?

Conduct a 5-yearly electrical safety inspection. This should be done before any paying guests are to stay at you holiday home, and then repeated every 5 years at minimum. The inspection involves two parts. Firstly, the electrical installation condition report, and secondly PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) checks. As a holiday home owner, you need to be able to prove that all installations, fittings and appliances are in a good working order.

Carrying out PAT tests should also be repeated at a minimum of 5 years, however its best practice to have portable appliances checked every year. When the PAT tests are carried out a qualified electrician will clearly label each appliance, showing they are safe and when they were last checked. For guests this is extra piece of mind. Having these checks done, will not only help you with property and letting agents for your holiday home, but also when trying to get insurance to cover your property, as some insurers insist on annual PAT.

It’s also in your favour to do visual inspections around your holiday home. Even if this means checking small things like iron flexes and cables. Changeover day is usually a recommended time for this, as you can see if it’s been left in the same state you remember it.

At Boddingtons Electrical, it is important for us as a leading supplier to bring this to your attention. If you own a holiday home or are a electrician looking into new supplies for the year it’s definitely worth checking out our range of products on our website, or for more information call one of our team on 01376 567490.