Essential Safety Equipment for Electricians

It’s vital that every electrician has the sufficient tools and equipment to ensure they can work safely and without injury in their day-to-day jobs. The number of serious injuries resulting from electricity-based incidents remains high, at a huge 350,000 every year. The primary concern of any electrician is to ensure the electrical safety in people’s homes and workplaces, therefore professionals should take these same precautions so they don’t do harm to themselves. So what are the safety equipment must-haves?

Insulated Electrical Gloves

Pretty much every job an electrician does involves their hands, so it’s essential they are protected from shock when working around live currents. Here at Boddingtons, we have fully insulating gloves, which are test stamped for working voltages ranging from 500V up to 36,000V. It’s also recommended that you wear lighter, cotton undergloves when working in cold conditions or if in a humid environment. These keep hands warm when it’s cold, as well as giving comfort in hotter conditions.

Safety Glasses

Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, but can often be forgotten about when undertaking day-to-day tasks. Electricians will often find themselves working amongst dust and debris, which can easily damage the eyes without appropriate eyewear, so don’t forget your specs!


As well as your dielectric boots, it’s also important to have appropriate matting to prevent electrical shock and any unexpected live wires catching you out. We have insulating rubber matting available which protects to up to 17kV. Although matting isn’t suitable for every situation, there are times when it most definitely should be used.

Insulated Hand Tools

All of your toolbox essentials can come in an insulated form too. It’s always wise to use insulated tools when working in live environments and we have a huge variety, from individual tools to entire tool kits, all tailor-made to suit electricians and tested to the most up-to-date regulation. 

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