Everything You Need to Know About Smart Meters

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about smart meters recently within the industry, as the government wants every home to have one by 2020, whether the homeowner currently have a pre-payment meter or pay for energy monthly.

So what exactly is a smart meter and how do they work?

They are simply the newest kind of gas and electricity meter, which are digitally connected to the internet, so it can send information to the energy supplier meaning home owners will never have to give a meter reading again! It also takes away the aspect of estimating usage, as the energy company will always know the exact amount.

What will this mean for Electricians?

The installation of these meters will require a revised approach from electricians, with the development of an agreed procedure for installation. This also means professionals will need to be specially trained and given the appropriate tools and safety equipment to carry out these installations.

Current safety concerns include the need for installers to visually check a client’s electrical equipment adjacent to the intake equipment and the need to check the adequacy of earthing arrangement before re-energising the installation.

As this is new territory for many professionals in the industry, it’s no surprise that some are concerned about carrying out installations in a safe and accurate manner.

Here at Boddington’s Electrical we have created a UK manufactured tool kit specifically designed for smart meter installations.

 Which includes:

  • 9 insulated screwdrivers of various sizes
  • Universal and non-universal shrouds
  • A T-bar Allen key
  • A cabinet spanner with adapter
  • Diagonal side cutters and cable cutters
  • Combination pliers and long nose pliers

All contained in a sturdy case!

Other customised sets are also available but these tools have been specifically crafted for this very purpose, meaning you won’t find more suitable, safe or easy-to-use tools on the market.

Get ahead of the game with our high quality, bespoke hand tools and ensure the safety of you and your employees as 2020 approaches! For more information, get in touch with our team today.

Boddingtons Smart Meter tool kit for electricians