Help Your Customers Stay Safe This Christmas

As millions of people head to put up their Christmas decorations this weekend, electricians are urging people to stay safe when it comes to electrics this festive period. 

One of the UK’s leading body for registered electricians, NICEIC, says that many households are unaware of the dangers that can arise from plugging in Christmas decorations around the home. A spokesperson for NICEIC, Darren Staniforth, said: “The Christmas lights display is one of the best bits of Christmas… However, it’s important not to get too carried away and to always put safety first.” 

Unfortunately over the festive period, it can be all too easy to jeopardise your electrical safety. Whether it’s charging up your new gadgets, cooking the dinner or putting up lights, all these things put extra strain on your electrical systems. If you’re not careful, it could have dramatic consequences. 

At Boddingtons Electrical, our customer’s safety is and has always been a priority for us - that’s why we’re sharing the potential risks of damaged electrics with all of our distributors. Here are some tips to help you and your family when dealing with electricity this Christmas: 

1. Be sure to check your Christmas lights thoroughly. After being chucked in a box for 12 months, your festive lights can easily get damaged. Before you start covering the house head-to-toe in lights, check for any loose wires or broken bulbs. 

2. Keep your lights away from flammable decorations and materials. While turned on, your Christmas lights could overheat and burn through flammable objects. 

3. Turn off all the lights when not in use. It may be tempting to leave the lights on overnight, but make sure to switch off all your lights before you go to bed or go out. This way you can avoid the risk of your lights overheating and setting fire to the surroundings. 

4. Avoid using too many extension leads or adapters. There are a number of risks that come from using too many extension leads. One of the risks is causing a fire if the lead or adapter is overloaded. 

5. Only use outdoor lights that have been specifically designed to be used outdoors. Specifically for external use, outdoor lights are extremely durable and resistant against overloading and fire. Using indoors lights outside is extremely dangerous! If you’re unsure make sure you check the manufacturer's instructions. 

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