How You Can Prevent Customers Tools Being Stolen

Currently, there is a spate of ‘van tool theft’ going around the UK, which has been blamed on a skeleton key sold for just £20 online. Gangs of thieves are targeting tradesman vans to steal any expensive tools and equipment that has been left in there overnight. 

In fact, stolen tools are a major concern for 98% of tradesmen in the UK. 

After hearing this news, Boddingtons have put together a list of ways to prevent tool theft and recover stolen items, which could be useful to our suppliers and their customers. 

1. Store Your Tools Sensibly - Obviously, the harder your insulated tools are to get to, the less likely thieves are to take them. Therefore, we recommend taking all of your tools from your van if you park up overnight, that way you tools will be out of reach from thieves who target vans. 

2. Prevention Parking - You may not always be able to bring your insulated hand tools in overnight, or perhaps you’re leaving your van unattended for a prolonged period in the day, so you should try and park in a way that will stop thieves getting to your equipment. While keeping in mind the safety of people around you, park with your doors against a wall or sturdy fence so they cannot be opened. Also, if you can park down a busy, well-lit street within view of CCTV cameras, that should deter people from breaking in. 

3. Check Your Insurance - If you don’t have tool insurance as part of your insurance policy, the first thing you should do is think about adding it in. This can help pay for the cost of replacing your tools should they be stolen. Make sure to also check your policy wording to find out exactly what’s covered, what the limits and excesses are and if there are any conditions. Some insurers will require you to have certain alarms fitted in your van for it to be covered by the policy. 

4. Mark Your Belongings - If your tools are stolen, by placing identification marks on them, it will help make sure you’re recognised as the owner if they’re found. Try using paint or permanent marker to add your name or another identifying feature to your tools. If you don’t want thieves to know about the mark, you can use ultraviolet pens onto the tools so they will only show up in certain lights. 

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