Importance of Insulated Tools As A Supplier

At Boddingtons Electrical, we have over thirty years experience within the industry, manufacturing and supplying insulated tools in the UK and abroad. 

As insulated tools and PPE manufacturers, we understand there is a high standard to which your products must be made. That’s why our team use their expertise and knowledge to develop and manufacture tools and products that are high quality and good value. 

For Boddingtons Electrical, all of our tools offer you protection in these situations where electricians are unaware that they are working with live wires or cannot disconnect the supply. With the correct tools in hand, they are reducing their risk of serious injury or even death. 

With so many insulated tools on the market, how can customers be sure they are choosing legitimate and safe products to use? 

As a supplier who is providing these tools to electricians in your area, you will need to advise them accordingly. 

We recommend telling your customers to look for the official International 1000-volt rating symbol printed somewhere on the tool. If you can see this symbol on the tool, it means they have been tested up to 10,000 volts. 

There are also strict safety standards for insulated tools, which define the dimensions, test procedures and potential hazards from using poorly insulated tools. It’s important that your tool complies with at least one or all of the following standards: 

● IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60900:2012 

● ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F1505-10 

● NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 70E 

At Boddingtons Electrical, all of our tools are tested to 10,000 volts and more, meaning they have the 1000V rating symbol on them. They also meet or even exceed the standards above, meaning when your customer’s buy insulated tool from Boddingtons they will have peace of mind that the tools are protecting you. 

For more information about our insulated tools Essex, call us on 01376 567490 or take a look at our Boddingtons Electrical Store online.