Making Sure Your Customers’ Tool Kits Are Ready for Bank Holiday

As much as the Boddingtons team loves a bank holiday, we know how much hassle the long weekend can cause to your customers – that’s why we are encouraging our suppliers to prepare their clients for this bank holiday (and of course future ones).

Here’s what you need to know about planning in advance of bank holiday weekend work:

As you will know, for most electricians’ bank holiday Monday is just ‘another workday’ so they will probably be working despite the closures in most businesses and government run offices. Before the bank holiday weekend, your customers will need the tools to get them through the day without any problems since they won’t be able to buy any replacement tools on the day should something happen.

Starting our business just 10 years ago, we have experienced many bank holidays and know exactly what our suppliers need to prepare their customers. We suggest making sure you have extra stock in the following items:

Cable Cutters - an essential part of an electrician’s toolbox, meaning they can safely cut wires and cabling flush to the wall. Our range of cable cutters are made of razor sharp, oil-hardened steel that guarantees a smooth and effortless cut as well as light metal handles. 

Switchboard Matting - vital to keeping the user safe in high voltage areas such as live switchboard equipment and machinery, meaning it must be installed in every area where the risk of electric shocks and electrocution is high. All of our switchboard matting is designed with a high quality rubber to insulate the high voltages as well as being flame retardant, oil and acid resistant.

Cable Knifes with Insulated Blade - may become dull over time and so will need renewing should it become blunt. If the knife is not replaced it may cause injury to the user. Boddingtons have created a cable knife with a strong fixed blade made of tempered stainless steel and tough, insulated plastic. This specially designed blade ensures a clear cut in addition to blocking the user from electric shocks and electrocution. 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of insulated tools and electrical safety products, Boddington’s Electrical have a range of products carefully designed to prevent users from electric shocks and electrocution. To find out more information about our products, call 01376 567490 or email