Must Have Insulated Tools and Electrical Safety Products For 2018

Choosing exactly what stock you need to kick off 2018 the right way can be a difficult task. However, with Boddingtons Electricals’ knowledge of electricians and the tools they need, we’re making it ten-times easier for you. 

Here are our top products that every electrician will need next year: 

Smart Meter Tool Kit - With an expected rise in smart meter installations coming, we have created a unique Smart Meter kit to give electricians everything they need. Containing 9 insulated screwdrivers of various sizes, universal and non-universal shrouds, a T-bar allen key, cabinet spanner with adapter, a selection of cable cutters and pliers, this kit is more than ideal for electricians looking to get ahead this year. 

Arc Flash PPE - No matter the job, it’s vital electricians are wearing personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of electrical shock or injury. At Boddingtons Electrical, we have everything an electrician needs to protect themselves in the workplace including: electrical gloves, safety goggles and hardhats. 

Insulated Tools - Insulated tools are important when you are working on a live circuit. They are especially important when working in environments where it isn’t possible to disconnect the circuit i.e. a railway line. At Boddingtons Electrical, our manufacturing team work in close partnership with our design team who have an expert knowledge of the very best materials. This ensures all of our tools are designed to be long-lasting and safe for users, protecting them from electrocution and electric shocks! 

Established just over thirty years ago, Boddingtons Electrical is well known in the industry for our leading manufacturing. Despite expansion over the last three decades, we maintain our traditions and values that help us to develop innovative product designs to a high standard. 

We are also committed to providing bespoke solutions for electricians, and it’s these beliefs that carried us to where we are today. 

For more about our high quality and innovative insulated tools and electrical safety products, get in touch with our team on 01376 567490.