National Experience Week: Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship Checklist

Now you’ve signed up to be an electrical engineering apprentice you will need a toolkit to help you complete your apprenticeship! And Boddingtons Electrical has all the tools you will need during your career as an electronic engineer.

Here is Boddingtons Electricals top choice of tools for apprentices.

Insulating Gloves

It goes without saying that it is important to stay safe while working with electrics! That why you need our fully insulating gloves, each test stamped for voltages up to 36,000V for complete protection against electric shocks and electrocution.

The leather overglove must be worn over the insulating gloves to protect against any mechanical hazards and electrical arcing while cotton undergloves give added comfort in warm and humid conditions.

White Safety Helmet

As mentioned before, Boddingtons Electrical view protection while working with electrics as one of their top priorities, which is why we have a huge range of electrical safety equipment including our White Safety Helmet.

Made specifically for your safety and comfort, the White Safety Helmet comes complete with an adjustable chinstrap and rain ventilation on both sides. 

Cable Sheath Cutting Pliers Set

Our Cable Sheath Cutting Pliers Set is designed for cable jointers in mind. In order for you to do the perfect job, the pliers are able to strip outer sheaths with thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5mm of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cables (diameters of 16mm – 54mm). One of the benefits of using Boddingtons Electricals’ pliers set is that cable jointers can cut without a risk of injury due to the ratchet system in the pliers.

25 Piece Insulated Tool Kit

An electrician would be incomplete without their very own tool kit! Boddingtons Electricals 25 Piece Insulated Tool kit is the perfect starter tool kit for electrical engineering apprentices, giving you access to all the tools you will need during your career. This 25 piece kit includes: ergonomic, soft grip screwdrivers made from high torque material, inductively tempered blades with alloyed steel and a solid grey, metallic case to protect your new tools.

To find out more information about Boddingtons Electrical’s tools, call 01376 567490 to speak to one of our friendly team about our range of tools.