The Importance of Supplying Your Customers with Smart Meter Tools

As we are sure you will be aware, a smart meter is a revolutionary gas and electricity meter that digitally sends readings to an energy supplier for more accurate energy bills. Replacing old technology, smart meters will use a secure national communication network - called the DCC - to send these readings to the supplier, waving goodbye to estimated energy bills. 

By 2020, every home in Britain will have a smart meter from their supplier - and so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to installing these next generation meters. 

As electrical tool suppliers, we think it’s just as important to fully understand the implications of these brand new smart meters and the benefits to your customers when they are using our smart meter kit. 

So what does the Boddingtons Electrical Smart Meter Tool Kit include? 

● 8 Insulated Screwdrivers 

● Universal and Non-universal Shrouds. 

● T-bar Allen Key 

● Cabinet Spanner with Adaptor 

● Cable Cutting Tools 

● Long-nose Pliers and Combination Pliers 

And what are the advantages of the Boddingtons Insulated Smart Meter Tool Kit? 

Provides an all-in-one solution – As experts in the design and manufacture of insulated tools, every tool in this toolkit has been specifically chosen by our team for smart meter installation. For the electricians buying from you, this means they don’t have to faff about with different kits to ensure they have all the equipment they need. Instead, they will have the right tools on hand in just one place with our Smart Meter Tool Kit. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK – Based in Braintree, Essex, we pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our insulated tools and electrical safety products in-house. Following electrical maintenance and design standards such as ISO and IEC, you can be assured of the incredible quality our products are made with. Our warehouse also has machinery on site that allows us to reinsulate products if they start to wear. 

Opportunity to personalise – At Boddingtons Electrical, we offer all of our customers the chance to laser-etch their logo or company name onto their tools and tool kit. For both you and your customers, this can be a great way to raise brand awareness of your businesses. 

Could our Boddingtons Electrical Smart Meter Tool Kit benefit your electrician customers? Why not get in touch with our team today on 01376 567 490!