The Perfect Kit for Fitting Smart Meters

Did you know that every home in Britain will have a smart meter installed by 2020? Get ahead of the game this year when you supply your customers with Boddingtons Electricals’ smart meter kit.

Smart meters are the next generation of meter for both gas and electricity, replacing the old technology meters that were created decades ago. Instead, smart meters use a secure national communication network (DCC) that automatically and wirelessly sends your energy usage to the supplier. Households will no longer have to rely on estimated bills or need to have regular readings of their meter. 

Unlike before, electricians will need to revise their approach for tackling the installations of these brand new meters, meaning further training and tools will be need to carry out the fittings.

That’s where we come in! Here at Boddingtons we have created a UK manufactured tool kit specifically designed for smart meter installations.

Protected in a sturdy case, our specialist kit comes complete with:

-       9 insulated screwdrivers of various sizes

-       Universal and non-universal shrouds

-       A T-bar Allen key

-       A cabinet spanner with adapter

-       Diagonal side cutters and cable cutters

-       Combination pliers and long nose pliers

Whilst there are other customised sets available on the market, none can quite compare to Boddingtons Electrical’s smart meter tool kit! Our tools have been specifically crafted for installing smart meters, meaning you cannot find more suitable, safe or easy-to-use tools in the industry.

As 2020 quickly approaches, make sure your customers are prepared for the smart meter changes with our high quality and bespoke insulated hand tools. To find out more information about our smart meter tool kits, get in touch with our team on 01376 567490 or email us at