What Type of PPE is Necessary, and When Is It Necessary?

Determining the most efficient PPE for the job at hand is essential for any level of electrician. You can considerably decrease the risk of electrical shock or injury at your workplace when implementing the correct level of personal protective equipment. 

Ensuring appropriate PPE 

In terms of hand protection requirements, heavy-duty leather gloves will only be required for arc blasts of up to Category 2. Whereas, when these blasts are at Category 3 or 4, you will need AR gloves. Of course, voltage-rated gloves come in different voltage ratings, with the most commonly issued insulated gloves being 500V AC. As an electrician who works with a variety of voltages, you may be inclined to purchase a voltage class larger than usually needed. Here at Boddingtons Webshop we provide insulated gloves for Essex (internal link - http://www.boddingtons-electricalstore.com/product-page/insulating-gloves) , for a wide variety of voltage types. 

Essential PPE head protection equipment 

For effective PPE, your safety goggles should be non-conductive when working within any circuit parts or when exposed to energized electrical conductors. You may also benefit from ear protection, which is also required at any category level of your PPE. However, the muff type ear protection will not be effective in an arc blast due to the possibility of them being blown, therefore it is crucial to utilise the ear canal inserts too. 

Insulated tools and PPE should be implemented throughout 

Ensuring you have insulated tools which are tested to the highest industry standards can mean the difference between safety in the workplace and serious electrical injury. It’s also vital that any insulated tools you do own are regularly checked for any cracks or damage, as these can dramatically reduce their insulating properties. 

Boddington Webshop’s top tip: In the case that your PPE is not implemented correctly, having a safety rescue hook to hand is vital for your business’ safety requirements. 

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