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Customer Service

Decided to call to see if I could ask a favour from the team at Boddingtons. Spoke to the loveliest lady named Louise, who was the most capable, helpful, polite and understanding person I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. She used her wealth of knowledge about all the products and there applications to help us out. So I had to post about my experience just so Boddingtons know what an fantastic valuable employee they have in Louise. We at Thunderbolt Jointing Ltd will definitely be repeat customers because of such grate service.

George O'Kane (Portsmouth) , Thursday, December 23, 2021
Great kit

Very helpful staff. Great kit which I’ve used for years. - Siemens Energy Services Ltd

Barry Cole (Romford) , Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Toolkit upgrade

I work as an Electrical Control Panel Wireman for a company called Boulting Limited and I came across Boddingtons tools a few months ago, after doing a bit of research about them I decided to slowly but surely upgrade the main items in my toolkit to Boddingtons tools. The quality of them is very high and I can see them giving me many years of service in my work of building and wiring industrial LV Switchgear and Control Panels.

Stephen Pester (Warrington, England) , Monday, May 17, 2021
Great products.

I have tried nearly all brands of screwdrivers and these are up there with the best. When I broke one of them they replaced it without any hassle. Great service.

Andy keep (Reading U.K) , Friday, May 14, 2021

We have recently purchased an assortment of hand tools, after previous items purchased provided many years of use and still going. Boddingtons staff were very helpful and understood my requirements and price point was fair with prompt delivery.

Lee (Norfolk, England) , Monday, November 16, 2020
DMU Formula Student

We have recently purchased a range of electrical safety equipment to protect students working on the Electrical Formula Student Project run my the IMechE. The equipment is exactly what we required and is high quality. This will allow us to work safely on battery packs and electrical drive trains.

Dave Black (Leicester, England) , Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Personalised Electrical Tool Set

Recently received personalised insulated electrical tool set for my 21st birthday. I am a service engineer and very pleased with the tool set. It is of high quality and will last many years. The engraving is a nice personal touch.

Dacey Warriner (Essex) , Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Jersey Electricity Plc

Our aim at the JEC is always to obtain quality materials, tools, PPE etc. at competitive prices with consistently good lead times. Boddingtons Electrical has provided just that, especially with their insulated tools. They have enabled us to restructure and organise the tool selection for our wide range of technicians and engineers, making it more streamlined and efficient for our procurement team. On occasion they have helped create tools personal to issues we have raised. A very friendly and helpful work force makes Boddingtons Electrical a pleasure to deal with and any issue is never too big or small.

James (Jersey) , Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

To meet our distribution business ongoing need for LV Shrouding material Boddington stepped in to help us and provided a solution that complies with our national standards; specifically ENA TS 43-103 and SP-NET-OHL-102. They measured the following material’s technical key performance indicators against the established testing protocols outlined in ENA -TS 43-103 [Tensile strength, mechanical puncture withstand, water absorption, electrical breakdown- leakage current measurement to not exceed 1 mA and flammability test “the standard 20 second test”] all results from these tests fell within the acceptance criteria of the standards , coupling these with assessment made to test their general quality management and non-conformance detection processes that also withstood scrutiny gave us confidence in the solution from health & safety and reliability standpoints.

Abdallah , Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Streamline Supply Chain

“Our goal has been to streamline our supply chain and obtain quality tooling at a competitive price. Boddingtons Electrical has provided our organisation with the solution that we were looking for, by combining quality, cost and lead times on a consistent basis. Not only has our procurement of tooling been enhanced, but Boddingtons were also able to offer Personal Protective Equipment meeting our current standards and requirements, so have in fact further simplified our procurement processes and exceeded our expectations”.

James B , Tuesday, August 27, 2019