Arcus 109214 Insulated Parallel Insulation-Piercing Tap-Off Clamp

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Technical Information

Cross section [mm²]:
Mains: 16 RE-150 SE
Branch: 2.5-50 RM

Contact screw (mains): Electrolytic copper, tin-plated
Contact screw (branch): Galvanised steel
Screw head: Plastic glass 214fibre-reinforced
Insulated housing: Plastic glass fibre-reinforced
Connector: Copper alloy, tin-plated

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  • Parallel insulation-piercing tap-off clamp, insulated
  • Suitable for live installation without stripping of mains conductor.
  • Separate installation of branch conductor from mains conductor to prevent shifting of live mains conductor during installation.
  • No evasion of mains conductor as connection channel is closed with a slide.
  • Reliable contact by piercing of main conductor insulation with insulation-piercing screws and cross cuttings.
  • Strengthening of material and increased stability of up to 50% in contact area.
  • Advantageous storage due to universal usage with large cross-sectional ranges.
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  • Manufacturer
    Arcus Elecktrotechnik Alois Schiffmann GmBH