Arcus 512210 Short Circuiting Device - for urban networks with neutral conductor at Top or Bottom, Suitable for aluminium or copper conductors: Ø 3-14 mm (6 RE-120 RM mm²)

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• Touch-proof insulation by covered contact parts.
• Stable contact behaviour with spring elements at the clamp.
• Connection rods and covers made of impact-proof synthetic material.
• Short-circuiting cables are manufactured under observation of the tension forces specified in EN 61230. 
• The connection cluster is compressed, bolted, and moulded with a watertight and transparent protection cover.
• Transitions from connection cluster or cable lug towards the lead insulation are enclosed by a stabilised tenacious elastic and trans-parent sleeve. This mechanical kinking protection guarantees a reliable sealing against ingress of moisture.

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Technical Information

Device suitable for Aluminium or copper conductors:
Ø 3-14 mm (6 RE-120 RM mm²)

Electric short-circuit current capacity:
Rated current and time (lr/tr): 4.5 kA/ 0.5 s

Lead cross section [mm²]:
Short-circuiting cable: 16

Cable length [mm]:
Short-circuiting cable: 600

Connection rods [mm]:
3x Connection rod (length 600 mm)
1x Connection rod (length 900 mm)

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