Arcus 51702500101 Device for Emergency Power Supply for Use in Cable Distribution Cabinets (AC 1000 V), for use in cable distribution cabinets

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Application: phase
Marking: yellow
MC-Socket KBT10BV
Code number: C1
Cable cross section: 25 mm²
Cable length: 1500 mm
Rated operating current=100 A

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Construction of the device:

emergency power devices i001

Connection A:

MC socket KBT10BV with protective cap 
Color: yellow 
Coding: C1 Degree of 
unplugged: IP2X 
plugged in: IP65

Connection line B:

Flexible and robust 25 mm² rubber hose H07RN-F. 
Rope length: approx. 1500 mm

Connection C:

Fully insulated ARCUS coupling. 
Protection class: unplugged: IP2X, plugged in: IP65 
Color: yellow

Technical data of the device:

Rated operational current: Ie = 100 A 
Temperature range: -25 ° C to +60 ° C

Assembly of the device:

Safe and easy installation is carried out with our handle ( Article No. 517 001 000 ).

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      517 025 001 01
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    Arcus Elecktrotechnik Alois Schiffmann GmBH