Arcus 597489 Phase Clamp, up to 20mm Flat Bars, 25-30mm Ball Diameter, for the Low Voltage side of transformers with anti-twist groove

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Technical Information

Clamping range:
Flat bars: up to 20 mm
Ball diameter: 25 mm, 30 mm
T-bolts: 20 mm
Round conductors: 9-22 mm


Contact parts: Copper alloy (tin-plated)
Connection: Threaded connection for fully-insulated and partinsulated earthing and short-circuiting devices.

Safe and simple installation with our fully-insulated earthing handle (Type number 508 145)

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    • Weight
      860 g
    • SKU
      597 489
  • Manufacturer
    Arcus Elecktrotechnik Alois Schiffmann GmBH