Boddington’s Top Tool Kit Essentials

Not having the right tools in your toolbox can not only make your job a lot harder, but could even make it more dangerous. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of our most essential tools for any electrician:

Insulating Gloves to IEC60903

Insulating gloves are an essential piece of PPE for any electrician and are vital when working on or around live equipment. Here at Boddingtons Electrical, all of our electricians gloves are tested rigorously and are designed for ranges up to 500V, 1000V, 7500V, 17500V, 26500V & 36,000V. Our leather overgloves should also be used to protect against mechanical hazards, while the cotton undergloves are perfect for giving comfort in more humid conditions. We are also able to re-test these gloves as recommended in IEC60903.


1000V Insulated Screwdrivers to IEC 60900

Screwdrivers are a must have in any workman’s toolbox, however ours are perfect for those working with electricity. With our high torque softgrip design and insulated precision hardened steel blade, you can tackle any screws with ease. We also have a handy set of 5 available, meaning you’ll always have the one you need.

1000V Diagonal Side Cutters to IEC 60900

Our heavy-duty diagonal side cutters are extremely versatile when it comes to cutting through both hard and soft wires. They also have inductively tempered blades, a polished chrome head and multi-coated insulation. The perfect tool for working in tight spaces. 

1000V Insulated Adjustable Spanner to IEC 60900

This trusty tool is another one that should never be overlooked – especially when they’re as handy as ours with its adjustable design. It comes with a measurement scale on its jaws in order to size nuts and pipes, while the cross section of the knurl is tapered to give a smooth and precise action. Also available as a fully insulated version. 

Non-Conductive Tape Measure

Every electrician will know how vital it is to have a tape measure to hand at all times. Our 19mm wide x 3m long tape is non-conductive with no metal parts, therefore perfect for those working with electricity. The tape measure is lightweight, proof tested and features a specially designed push down tape lock.

If you’re looking to update and enhance your current toolbox, take a look at our extensive range on our online store ( With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you’re guaranteed the best quality with flat rate delivery throughout the UK.