Boddingtons Electrical 20kV Dielectric Safety Boots Class 2 Certified, with a Steel ToeCap and Vulcanized Rubber Sole - UK Sizes 3-15 (EU Sizes 35-50)

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An electrically insulating Class 2 dielectric boot with an integral steel toe cap and vulcanized rubber sole for superior slip resistance. Dielectric boot provides high voltage protection of up to 20kV over the complete boot for over 8 hours, and 35kV over the sole for 3 minutes. This high-voltage boot is suitable for use by electricians, utility engineers and live working up to 17kV.  

Electrical Protection

Complete boot:20 kV8 hours no damage
 5 kV Less than 5mA Leakage current
Sole:35 kV3 minutes no damage

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Dielectric boots are used where there is a risk of electric shock from high voltages. Without the the correct PPE a high voltage electric current can stop the heart or produce fatal burns. 

Dielectric boots are used for working on live power or in the area of live power as current can jump large distances, especially in wet or damp conditions. Even when high voltage equipment has been switched off, there may be a residual charge on the equipment which could cause an injury. There have also been fatalities caused by digging in locations where power cables are buried underground and the cable has been inadvertently cut by a drill, shovel or mole.

Over 30% of industrial accidents result from slips, trips and falls - as boots are used in an environment where there are liquids present, a slip resistant sole is crucial, which is why we fit a high-performance vulcanised rubber sole to our boots. This provides a number of important benefits:

  • Slip resistance is twice that required by EN 13287 SRA and SATRA TM144 standards
  • Grip is 30% better than with a conventional safety boot sole
  • Wear resistance is two to three times that of conventional soles
  • The sole is resistant to fuel and oil
  • Greater cut resistance than conventional soles
  • Resistance to hot contact for 60 seconds at 300℃
  • Cold insulation

Boot Shaft 

  • Yellow dielectric compound shaft 
  • 200 Joule Epoxy coated Steel toe cap to EN ISO 20345 
  • Seamless construction 
  • Kick off lug 
  • Extra shin protection 
  • Adjustable height 
  • Ankle guard 
  • Non-wicking knitted nylon lining 
  • Comfort insole (removable and machine washable) 
  • REACH Compliant

Boot Sole 

  • Blue vulcanized rubber sole for maximum grip - 30% better than a conventional safety boot sole 
  • SRC Slip resistance, with SRA performance twice that required by EN 13287 SRA and SATRA TM144 standards 
  • Cleated outsole for maximum grip 
  • Two to three times the wear resistance of conventional soles 
  • Fuel and oil resistant 
  • Greater cut resistance than conventional soles 
  • Resistance to hot contact 60 seconds 300℃
  • Energy absorbing tunnel system conforms to EN 20345 E 
  • Cold insulation to EN ISO 20345


  • Machine washable at up to 40℃
  • Shelf life of over 10 years


  • Safety Footwear EN ISO 20345:2011 - SB E CI HRO SRA FO
  • Electrically Insulating Footwear EN 50321:2018 Class 2 AC
  • Dielectric Footwear ASTM F1117
  • Personal Protective EquipmentPPE DIR 89/686/EEC
    • SKU
  • Material
    Yellow Dielectric Compound Shaft
  • Safety Class Category
    Class 2 (Electrically Insulating Footwear)
  • Electrical Resistance Tested UpTo
    Every boot tested to 20kV
  • Sizes Available (UK/EU)
    UK Sizes 3-15 (EU Sizes 35-50)
  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd
  • Sizes Available
    UK Size 3 - EU Size 35, UK Size 4 - EU Size 36, UK Size 5 - EU Size 37, UK Size 6 - EU Size 39, UK Size 7 - EU Size 41, UK Size 8 - EU Size 42, UK Size 9 - EU Size 43, UK Size 10 - EU Size 44, UK Size 11 - EU Size 45, UK Size 12 - EU Size 46, UK Size 13 - EU Size 47, UK Size 14 - EU Size 49, UK Size 15 - EU Size 50

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EN 50321-1:2018 is the new standard for insulating footwear for live working and was published earlier this year, it replaces EN 50321:1999 and is currently out for approval as an IEC standard which will make it a global standard, not just European.

The main changes in the 2018 revision are the introduction of new 4 classes (see below) for working up to 36 KV (the old standard only went up to Class 0 - 1 KV). Boots are now tested by filling with water instead of ball bearings to simulate water or perspiration potentiality wicking up the lining and creating a flash over. There is also now an electrical test after perforation of the sole by a nail, to ensure boots still give electrical protection after perforation. Even non-metallic perforation inserts can allow water to pass through them so will allow an electrical current to pass when the sole is punctured. The table below lists the classes and the test requirements:

Class RatingMaximum Working VoltageWithstand Test VoltageLeakage Current Test VoltageMaximum Leakage Current
Class 00500V5kV2.5kV3mA
Class 01kV10kV5kV5mA (8mA)
Class 17.5kV20kV10kV10mA (16mA)
Class 217.5kV30kV20kV18mA
Class 326.5kV40kV30kV20mA
Class 436kV50kV40kV24mA

(Overboot requirements are in brackets where they are different from knee high boots)