Boddingtons Electrical 3 Channel Lid Cable and Hose Ramps, 970 x 580 x 80mm, Maximum Hole Size 55x50mm

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  • For the protection of Cables/Hoses from traffic, allowing all types and weights of vehicles to drive over them safely 
  • Max Load: 12 Tonnes per vehicle axle 
  • The ramps sit on the road surface slowing down the traffic as they pass over them
  • Outer Channels: 70mm wide x 50mm deep
  • Inner Channel: 55mm wide x 50mm deep
  • 3 channel lidded ramp for pedestrians and vehicles. Each 970mm unit clicks together to make a continuous run. Cables/hoses can be added or removed once the ramps have been deployed. The lids are made from high visibility yellow PE.  This ramp has tapered end pieces available 
  • These ramps are for temporary deployment and not for permanent fitting.
  • Important: Signage should be in place to slow traffic down (max. 5 mph) whilst traversing the ramp. Not suitable for forklifts or tracked vehicles. 

The innovative lock-together nature of these ramps mean that multiple units can be purchased and then linked to create a run long enough to span the road or thoroughfare needed. The ramps themselves have wide channels in them that are wide enough to house a hose pipe and keep passing traffic from interrupting the flow of liquid, they even come in a choice of slot widths, dependent on the diameter of hoses you need to protect. For extra safety, the ramps can be bolted to the floor to prevent unwanted slippage.


    • Weight
      24000 g
    • SKU
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • No of Channels
  • Maximum Hole Size mm
    55 x 50
  • Dimensions mm
    970 x 580 x 80
  • Maximum Loading (Tonnes)
  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group

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