Boddingtons Electrical 662010 Electrician's Helmet White, EN 50365

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Helmet shell:

  • Large, high-strength lightweight shell, highly resilient thanks to the most modern lattice structure
  • Helmet shell made of polyethene with UV stabilizer to prevent premature ageing
  • Short sun visor for a better upward view
  • 30mm pockets to hold all common helmet earmuffs and visor holders
  • No ventilation to significantly increase the puncture resistance
  • Neck protection and
  • Rain gutter - Tested according to EN 50365: 2002 VDE, EN 397 and ANSI Z89.1 2003

Helmet interior:

  • 6-point textile interior with knobbed closure (no self-adjustment !) - DFT- DeFormaTec suspension to reduce

Impact energy:

  • Long comfort sweatband made of antiallergic fleece material
  • Clear exposure of the headband on the back of the head prevents the helmet from slipping off the head, e.g. in a stooped position
  • Various suspension points for chin straps (also self-opening in the event of excessive strain or risk of injury to the wearer)
  • Attention: Only use an electrician's chin strap !
  • Height adjustability  
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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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    United Kingdom