Boddingtons Electrical 936MK4K Consac Sheath Cutting Tool Kit, ⌀ 32.7-45.3 mm

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Designed to cut the aluminium sheath on Consac cable to faciltate joining and terminating.

  • The tool provides safe and accurate cutting of the sheath without the risk of cutting the live inner conductor
  • Exact cutting depths are achieved when using the different size cutting wheels
  • "T" handle is available to assist the operation of the tool
  • Consac Sheath Punch is available in two sizes -  ⌀ 7 or 10 mm
  • Complete sheath cutting kit in plastic case available upon request
  • Insulated Sheath Lifters, two types available - all plastic or coated metal
  • Insulating Shrouding kit available - details on request
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    • Weight
      2000 g
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  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group

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