Boddingtons Electrical Cable Preparation Kit 11kV XLPE for Insulated Cable

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  • Designed to strip outer sheaths, semi-conductive layer and to remove the primary insulation on 11kV - 95/185/300mm2 cables

Kit Contents

125200Handle IMS - Cable Stripper for Primary Insulation
130000Spare Blade for Stripping Insert
130009Stripping Insert 11kV / 95mm²
130018Stripping Insert 11kV / 185mm²
130030Stripping Insert 11kV / 300mm²
244500AMS - Universal Cable Stripper for External Insulation ø > 25 mm
244501Hook blade AMS nickel-plated
244700FBS - Cable Stripper for Vulcanized Semiconductive Layer ø 10 - 52 mm
244701Spare Blade for FBS Cable Stripper
244702ISilicone Paste 100g
CA0018Case 406 x 290 x 110mm Grey Plastic
U244100FB244100 BOTTOM - LD29 Black Foam 35mm
U244100FT244100 TOP - LD29 Black Foam 10mm

    • Weight
      1000 g
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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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