Boddingtons Electrical Cable Stripper for Vulcanized Semiconductive Layer - Bonded Semi Conductive Screen, ø 10 - 52 mm Range

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  • Application range: Ø 10 - 52 mm
  • Insulation thickness: 0 - 1,5 mm
  • Suggested application: Vulcanized, extruded, bonded semiconductive layer
  • Positioning on the cable comparable to a vice system
  • Axial feed activation/deactivation device (usable in both directions): Through the stripping operation starting from outside of the cable, 25mm of the semicon layer will not be stripped (as shown in the pictures). By the stripping operation from inside to outside about 6 mm of semicon layer will remain.
  • Stripping can be done starting from any position on the cable
  • Maximal rotating diameter 200 mm
  • Interchangeable blade
    • Weight
      336 g
    • SKU
    • EAN
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
  • Country of Origin
  • Cable Range (Ø)
    10 - 52mm
  • Insulation Thickness (mm)
    0 - 1.5mm

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