Boddingtons Electrical Complete Tool Set of Preparation Tools with Chamfering Tool

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Cable Preparation Set With:

  • cable sheath stripper  Ø15-55mm
  • spare part
  • plastic insert 
  • cable peeling tool  Ø 10-52mm
  • Silicone grease
  • Chamfering tool max. Ø40mm (35° chamfer) 
  • transportation case with foaming,
  • manual instruction and silicone.

  • Easy and safe cutting and removing of outer jacket and insulation. Just one tool but with two functions. 
  • This tool cuts outer jackets from diameter 15 up to 55 mm (an additional plastic insert is required for diameter smaller than 22 mm) and the XLPE insulation up to a thickness of 8 – 10 mm. he automatic feed (step “1” and “2”) and the “O” position, for a radial cutting, guarantees a quick, safe and exact cutting of the cable jacket and insulation. 
  • To protect the prepared insulation screen and for cable diameter smaller than Ø 25 mm, use the plastic insert . Due to the placement and design of the cutting blade, the sheath will be lifted at the cutting point so that there is no danger of damaging the components below the sheath. A cutting depth of approx. 80 % will be sufficient.

1 Tool for 2 jobs:
Safe cutting and removing of outer cable jacket and insulation.
Push cable cutter over the cable and fix it with locking screw so that all rolls are placed.
Adjust the cutting depth of the blade. A cutting depth by approx. 80 % is enough. This is avoiding damages of the screen wires or the cable core.
By lifting the disk adjustment of the cutting speed is done. Position 2 for cutting the outer jacket, position 1 for cutting the insulation and for large diameters of outer jacket.
For stripping process rotate the tool around the cable. The blade cuts in the sheath spirally.
For the final radial cutting place back  the blade in position "0" and turn the tool around the cable.
To cut and remove the insulation slip on the plastic insert .  Further steps are the same as cutting the jacket


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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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