Boddingtons Electrical Evolution

As Boddingtons Electrical Ltd undergoes some major manufacturing/process evolutions, we would like to take this opportunity now to apologise for the disruption in our service levels.

The journey commenced with our new corporate image, shown here with the new logo, new Commercial and Industrial selection catalogue, and new building signage.

At its core, lean manufacturing is focused on improving efficiency while reducing waste, both of which need to occur in order for an organization to be highly successful. As such, there are five key principles that characterize lean manufacturing:

Lean manufacturing saves money and safeguards time. Better management and allocation of resources improves efficiency and as a result, lowers the cost of doing business. Serving customers faster with better products thanks to a coherent value stream is a positive outcome of lean manufacturing and perhaps the greatest advantage available.

Lean manufacturing is environmentally sustainable. Manufacturing efficiency can help reduce the strain that production places on the environment. This is why constantly analyzing and modeling data is so important, as organizations can identify ways to limit their consumption of energy, raw materials and more.

Lean manufacturing produces satisfied customers. Lean strategies lead to enhanced customer satisfaction as organizations are able to increase the value while keeping their prices low. The happier customers are, the more likely they are to purchase repeatedly, leave positive reviews and recommend to their friends, families and colleagues.

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