Boddingtons Electrical Fully Insulated Special Cable Stripping Knife with Ceramic Blade

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A cable stripping knife with a ceramic blade is a specialized tool designed for safely and efficiently stripping the insulation from electrical wires and cables

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SKU Total Length (mm) Length of Blade (mm) Standard Pack Size Weight
Thumbnail 281550 200 50 IEC 60900 Each 58


  • Fully insulated
  • With round blade is also suitable for stripping cables
  • High-cutting performance and service life
  • Foldable blade guard integrated captively into the handle
  • Ergonomic handle made of impact-resistant plastic

The use of a ceramic blade offers several advantages over traditional metal blades:

  1. Non-Conductive: Ceramic is a non-conductive material, which significantly reduces the risk of accidental electrical shocks during the stripping process. This feature is particularly beneficial when working in environments where live wires might accidentally be encountered or when precision is required without cutting off the power.

  2. Sharpness and Precision: Ceramic blades can be made extremely sharp and maintain their edge longer than metal blades. This sharpness allows for precise cuts, making it easier to strip the insulation without damaging the underlying wire. Precise stripping is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the electrical connection and ensuring safety.

  3. Corrosion Resistance: Unlike metal blades, ceramic blades do not corrode or rust. This resistance to corrosion makes them ideal for use in various environments, including those with high moisture, chemicals, or other corrosive elements.

  4. Durability: Ceramic blades are very hard and durable under normal use conditions. They resist wear and tear from the abrasive materials found in many types of insulation. This durability means that a cable stripping knife with a ceramic blade can have a longer useful life, making it a cost-effective option over time.

  5. Lightweight: Ceramic materials are typically lighter than metals, making a cable stripping knife with a ceramic blade easier to handle and reducing fatigue during prolonged use. This can improve user comfort and efficiency, especially in professional settings where cables are stripped frequently.

Despite these advantages, users must be aware that ceramic blades can be brittle and may chip or break if dropped or used improperly. It's also important to choose the right type of ceramic blade for the specific insulation material to be stripped, as some ceramics might perform better with certain types of insulation than others.

In summary, a cable stripping knife with a ceramic blade is a sophisticated tool that offers enhanced safety, precision, and durability for electrical and telecommunications work. Its non-conductive, sharp, and corrosion-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for professionals

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      58 g
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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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    200, Not Applicable
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    50, Not Applicable
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    IEC 60900, Not Applicable
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