Boddingtons Electrical Cable Sheath Cutter & Insulation Removal Tool, 32-70mm ⌀ Cable Range

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  • Cutting and stripping of the outer jacket and insulation with just one device.
  • The work steps and handling are analogous to our GB-M20 device.
  • The GB-M30 sheath cutter is designed for processing larger cable cross-sections in the 10 and 20 KV range,
  • but especially for the 30 KV voltage level, with a working range of Ø 32 - 70 mm.
  • Wall thicknesses up to approx. 14 mm can be cut without any problems.
  • With the optional plastic prism, cables up to approx. 20 mm in diameter can be processed.  

1. Remove the outer jacket

2. Strip insulation 

    • Weight
      1200 g
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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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  • Cable Range (⌀)

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