Boddingtons Electrical HLS - Cable Stripper for Non-Vulcanized Semiconductive Layer ø 16 - 41 mm

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Cable Stripper for Non-Vulcanized Semiconductive Layer

Application range:
ø 16 - 41 mm
Insulation thickness:
0 - 2 mm
Max. rotating diameter:
130 mm
Suggested application:
Non vulcanized, peelable semiconductive layer

Dimensions 250 x 160 x 55 mm

Technical Characteristics

  • Longitudinal, helical and circular cuts
  • Positioning on the cable through vice system
  • Stop clamp to limit the stripping length
  • Step-by-step depth adjustment
  • The incision depth can be adjusted from 0 to 0,9 mm with 0,1 mm trips
  • The start of longitudinal incision can be done in exact correspondence with the circumferential one


Reduced rotation enables to work on limited space

Perfect precise circular cut

No incisions on surface below

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      600 g
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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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