Boddingtons Electrical Insulated to IEC 60900 Standard, Water Pump/Groove Joint Pliers

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SKU Length (mm) Maximum Jaw Opening (mm) Weight
Thumbnail 292625 250 40 519
Thumbnail 292630 300 40 0


1646130377393.pngInsulated according to IEC 60900, usable up to 1000 V AC/1500 V DC 


  • Handles do not close together, thus preventing the user from having their fingers trapped
  • Hardened chrome steel jaws are durable and effectively grip your desired object
  • The sliding pivot joint allows the widest range of jaw openings
  • Specially hardened toothed grip 
  • Strength of teeth approx. 65 HRC 
  • Adjustable positions - 250mm = 5 groove / 300mm = 7 groove
  • Orange insulation throughout via a dipping process
  • Permanent laser marking to stop fading throughout the lifetime of the product via wear and tear.
  • Each product has a batch number for traceability  

Water pump pliers are the ideal choice for a great grip and can turn and grip a wide range of industrial workpieces, including bolts and nuts. The credit goes to the serrated jaws. Water pump pliers are mainly used to cut thick metal in plumbing, automotive and household applications 

    • Weight
      519 g
    • SKU
    • EAN
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • Type Of Insulating
    Insulated Hand Tool
  • Type Of Product
    Groove Joint Pliers
  • Standard
    IEC 60900
  • Insulation Testing
    Tested to 10,000V, Rated to 1000V AC - 1500V DC
  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Length (mm)
    250, 300
  • Type
    Water Pump
  • Maximum Jaw Opening (mm)
    40, 50