Boddingtons Electrical Nylon Polymeric Cable Core Stripper, 90mm Nominal Lift

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Thumbnail 120-CS 10 0
  • Manufactured in a Polymeric material. 
  • Used to remove insulation and sheathing from live armoured power cables. 
  • The tool has an exceptionally strong, tough blade and a unique handle moulded in a softer plastic which provides a cushion effect when a hammer is used to initiate a cut in the cable sheath  
  • Complies with the Dielectric testing of IEC 60900-1


    • Weight
      183 g
    • SKU
    • EAN
    • HS Commodity Codes
  • Type Of Insulating
    Insulating Hand Tool
  • Type Of Product
    Cable Core Stripper
  • Standard
    Non-Conductive Material
  • Insulation Testing
    Not Applicable
  • Manufacturer
    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
  • Country of Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Pack Size
    10, 1