Boddingtons Electrical PPHSC10 Flat 2nd Cut Engineers File , 23mm Width, 250mm (10in) Blade Length

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  • These engineers' files feature blades that are parallel in width and slightly tapered in thickness. 
  • They are double-cut with a safe edge and fitted with a comfortable soft-grip handle. 
  • Ideal for professional and frequent DIY use.
  • Coarser files (Bastard cut, approximately 26tpi) are generally used first for quick removal of material, followed by use of a medium (Second cut, approximately 36tpi) file for a finer finish.
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Files are classified by length, shape and cut. The length is traditionally described excluding the tang. The cut indicates the degree of coarseness, measured by the number of teeth per 25mm and the amount of space between the rows of teeth. 

  • Bastard Cut Approximately 26 teeth/in (Coarse) 
  • Second Cut Approximately 36 teeth/in (Medium) 

Double Cut (also know as Dual Cut) files have a second set of parallel grooves cut into the blade, usually at an angle of 45°. 

All files have soft-grip, non-slip comfortable handles.

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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group