Boddingtons Electrical PPRSC8 Round Second Cut Engineers File 200m

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This Round Second Cut Engineers File is ideal for filing circular openings or concave surfaces and slightly tapered towards the point, with a double cut finish. For professional and frequent DIY use, fitted with a comfortable handle.

Second Cut: Approx 36 teeth per 25mm (Medium).

The Engineers' File has the following specifications:

Cut: Round Second.
Blade Length: 200mm (8 in).
Blade Width: 8mm (5/16 in).

These engineers' files feature double cut round blades that are slightly tapered towards the point. Used for filing circular openings or concave surfaces. Fitted with comfortable soft-grip handles.
Ideal for professional and frequent DIY use.

Coarser files (Bastard cut, approximately 26tpi) are generally used first for quick removal of material, followed by the use of a medium (Second cut, approximately 36tpi) file for a finer finish.

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    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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    United Kingdom