Busbar Insulation Services

In electric power distribution, a busbar is a metallic strip or bar, typically housed inside switchgear, panel boards, and busway enclosures for local high current power distribution. They are also used to connect high voltage equipment in electrical switchboards, and low voltage equipment in battery banks. 

Boddingtons Electrical Ltd offer a complete encapsulation insulation process for busbars that doesn't involve heat shrinking. Heat shrinking busbar has different problematic issues in that when joints are on the busbar like the flexible models its often impossible to complete. Our insulation dipping process, its a clean method using material protection up to the current standard.

Copper Busbars

Copper busbars are found in large OEMs (component transfer) 

Aluminium Busbars

Aluminium is used for busbar production where final weight is a consideration. Typical applications including the power conversion, rail, marine and aerospace industries.

Aluminium busbars can be used for transformers, and have been produced for electrical panel boards and distribution boards.

Flexible Busbars

Flexible Busbars are made by a unique endless loop system, they have many technical advantages over other styles of flexible Bars in their capability and performance. They are made from thin usually soft copper which is then wound and compressed to thickness to give the relevant cross-sectional area required to carry the desired current.