CATU ALED-3 Distance Proximity Voltage Live-Line Alarm, 1 - 66 kV Voltage Range

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EN 61326-1: 2013 EN 62311-1: 2008


  • ALED3 is an additional device ensuring safety to the operator within live powered environments warning him about a risk of danger.
  • Improved safety of the operator: presence of an electric field (1kV to 66 kV) as identified by a sound and visual warning.
  • Flexibility: 360° detection sensor depending on the position of the device which can be installed in different ways (on a helmet, on the arm, on the belt, on the body).
  • Easy to use: compact and light with an in-built antenna.


  • The alarm is automatically triggered when the operator approaches an electric field and turns off when he moves away from the source.
  • 360º detection according to the positioning of the device which has multiple fixing possibilities (helmet, arms, belt, body).
  • Compact and light with integrated antenna.
  • Sound intensity: 75 dB.
  • Response time: < 1 s.
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    CATU SAS is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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