CATU CL-5-36 Two Pole Phase Comparator - Indoor/Outdoor Use

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Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, these two pole phase comparators come in two different variations. One is suitable for use on high voltage systems from 6 to 36kV, while the other is suitable for use on installations from 0.75 to 3kV.

Isolated against the effects of voltage, the phase comparators are made for direct attachment to the electrical installation via the contact electrode on the end of each pole. The two poles are attached via a high insulation lead together for exact differential measurements between two phase points.

The difference between phases is shown on an analogue dial attached to one of the poles.  The device’s handles can also be removed.

The device is supplied in a metal case for storage purposes.

Complete function testing: built-in, with TEST push-button (battery supplied). 


  • 2 elements connected by a high-insulation lead, 
  •  2 removable handles, 
  • metal case: 0.40 x 0.25 x 0.85 m. 

Indications provided by the galvanometer needle; dials are calibrated according to voltage. High isolated materials characteristics.

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