CATU CZ-54 Life Saving Kit for Substation - Electrical Shock, 11kV/24kV

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  • Allows an intervention on victims in case of electrical shock.
  • Immediately makes available to rescuers all the necessary rescue equipment.


  • Kit delivered with a transparent closet to be fixed in the substation (wall mountings supplied).


  • 1 insulated cable cutter CZ-60.
  • 1 telescopic rescue stick extended lenght 1.5 m M-952160.
  • 1 voltage detector with flexible contact antenna and equipped with a metal rescue hook (3 kV - 40 kV) M-952170.
  • 1 pair of insulating gloves class 3 CG-3-10-NR (CZ-54 models), CG-4-10-NR (CZ-55 models)
  • 1 pair of insulating boots MV-135-45 (CZ-54 & CZ-55), over boots class 3 MV-139-L (CZ-54-FM & CZ-55-FM)
  • 1 insulating platform.
  • 1 "First aid for electric shock victims" poster in the language ordered on the cabinet door.

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840 x 750 x 27027
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    CATU SAS is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group
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