CATU MV-137 Yellow 20kV Dielectric Safety Wellington Boots Class 2 Certified, 40Cal/cm² Arc Flash Protection

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NF EN 50321-1:2018 ASTM 1117, ASTM 2413, ASTM F26121:2019, EN 13287, EN ISO 20345


  • Electrical insulating boots to work safely on applications up to 17 kV, tested at 20 kV. 
  • Insulating boots offering increased protection against electric shocks, capable of resisting over 35 kV at the sole (3 minutes) and at 20 kV over the whole boot for up to 8 hours. 
  • Provides protection against step voltage.
  • Comfort of use: release tab for hands-free removal, adjustable upper height, washable non-absorbent polyester lining.


  • Complies with EN 50321-1:2018, class 2 (17 000 V AC).
  • Conforms to ASTM 1117 (20 kV) and ATSM 2413.
  • Arc-Flash protection ATPV 40 cal/cm²  according to ASTM F2621:2019.
  • Colour: high visibility yellow.
  • Leakage current less than 5mA at 5 kV and less than 18 mA at 20 kV.
  • Non-slip vulcanised rubber sole (SRC) conforming to SATRA TM144 and EN13287.
  • Anti-slip sole resistant to high heat (300° for 60 seconds).
  • Oil and petrol resistant sole.
  • Reinforced steel and epoxy coated tip for protection up to 200 J.
  • Energy absorbing heel in compliance with EN 345 SBE and EN ISO 20345 SBE.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Removable, washable insole. 
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EN 50321-1:2018 is the new standard for insulating footwear for live working and was published earlier this year, it replaces EN 50321:1999 and is currently out for approval as an IEC standard which will make it a global standard, not just European.

The main changes in the 2018 revision are the introduction of new 4 classes (see below) for working up to 36 KV (the old standard only went up to Class 0 - 1 KV). Boots are now tested by filling with water instead of ball bearings to simulate water or perspiration potentiality wicking up the lining and creating a flash over. There is also now an electrical test after perforation of the sole by a nail, to ensure boots still give electrical protection after perforation. Even non-metallic perforation inserts can allow water to pass through them so will allow an electrical current to pass when the sole is punctured. The table below lists the classes and the test requirements:

Class RatingMaximum Working VoltageWithstand Test VoltageLeakage Current Test VoltageMaximum Leakage Current
Class 00500V5kV2.5kV3mA
Class 01kV10kV5kV5mA (8mA)
Class 17.5kV20kV10kV10mA (16mA)
Class 217.5kV30kV20kV18mA
Class 326.5kV40kV30kV20mA
Class 436kV50kV40kV24mA

(Overboot requirements are in brackets where they are different from knee high boots)