Charging Point Statistics 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

With new charge points being added daily, the UK’s charging point infrastructure is continually changing. The tables and charts shown below track the number of charging points across the UK and are updated live from the Zap-Map database. In addition to the number of charging devices and locations, the charts provide a breakdown by charger type, connector type and by region.

Note that this data can be used by third parties as long as the source is attributed to Zap-Map and if online, a link is added back to

Zap-Stats – 16 April 2019


As shown in the table, the total number of locations which have a public charging point installed is 7838, the number of devices at those locations is 12650 and the total number of connectors within these devices is 21650. There have been 992 new devices added to the Zap-Map database over the last 30 days which equates to 1443 new connectors.

Number of UK charging locations and connectors over past 12 months: Zap-Map, April 2019

May 1815,1535,280
Jun 1815,5265,413
Jul 1816,0775,565
Aug 1816,4705,687
Sep 1817,1726,091
Oct 1817,8706,308
Nov 1818,4016,460
Dec 1818,7106,567
Jan 1919,1956,717
Feb 1919,8916,982
Mar 1920,8917,526
Apr 1921,6507,838


The chart shows the number of public charging connectors and locations on the Zap-Map database over the past 12 months. The total number of connectors has increased from just over 13,000 in November 2017 to more than 19,000 by December 2018.

UK Map 2019 of EV Charging Points in UK supplied by Zap-Map

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