Comprehensive First Aid Electric Shock and Burns First Aid Point

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  • A very Effective Solution for providing First Aid Supplies in an Environment at Risk of Electric Shock
  • Dimensions: Electric Shock Poster: 59cm x 42cm First Aid & Burns Kit: 43cm x 56cm
  • Contains a First Aid Kit, Burns Kit and Electric Shock Safety Poster
  • First Aid Kit is BS 8599 British Standard Compliant for the Workplace
  • A clearly visible Wall Mounted Solution in one Central Location
  • Burns Kit contain items to Cool and Sooth Burns with no pre-cooling required
  • Guidance Poster provides Step-by-Step Guidance for treating Electric Shock casualties
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This contains first aid products to help treat someone who has been electrocuted and a useful, step by step guidance poster.

This poster provides both first aiders and non-first aiders with effective first aid and safety information including step by step instructions for preventing and managing most workplace emergencies.

This first aid point is suitable for any workplace that has a risk of someone receiving an electric shock. The Burn Stop Burns Kit is suitable for treating partial thickness burns and includes burn dressings and burn gel that do not require pre-cooling, meaning they are ready for use at all times.

The First Aid Point includes a wall mounting bracket allowing the point to be fixed to the wall in one central location, meaning all staff can find it if required. The point also includes photo-luminescent headers which help identify the point especially in the dark or in smoke filled rooms.

Contents: Electric Shock Poster: 59x42cm First Aid (small) & Burns Kit (medium): 43x56cm

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