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Boddington's Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 2014 - 117 Pages

  • Insulated Tools
  • Cable Preparation Products
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Electrical Safety Products
  • Earthing Equipment

Boddington's Electrical Supplementary Product Catalogue Edition 2018 - 38 Pages

  • Insulated Tools
  • Safety Rescue Hooks
  • Cable Guard
  • Cable Protect
Şafak Elektrik was established in 1980 with the aim of manufacturing Insulated Cable Lugs and from
the first day to the present time with the implementations of high-quality product improvement and
unconditional customer satisfaction.

Şafak Elektrik has become the leading manufacturer by progressing more and more with each passing day in the market of Turkey. Şafak Elektrik performs the manufacturing and sale of over 1000 products including standard cable lugs type, mechanical cutters, cable lug crimpers, cable marking systems, hydraulic cutters, and hydraulic lug crimpers and so on…
In Europe and in the rest of the world, new clearances allow a larger population to perform electrical and non-electrical work on or around installations and structures, in compliance with prevention rules. CATU is fully committed to supporting you to improve operator safety. Our constant actions to improve our solutions for protection and prevention against electrical risks are carried out in collaboration with our users and partners in France and all over the world. They guarantee our deep commitment and our security obligations towards all our customers. Our expertise and our listening skills allow us to respond quickly to the needs related to the energy transition by offering solutions dedicated to the new market segments of electro-mobility, energy storage, renewable energies, and rail.
Founded in 1981, MECATRACTION quickly grew both in the domestic market and export markets. We are based in Pompadour, France, in premises of more than 8100 m2 . MECATRACTION designs, develops and produces a complete range of components for industrial electrical connections. Our subsidiary CEGERS TOOLS adds an extensive range of tools and accessories.

ARCUS ELEKTROTECHNIK Fully-Insulated and Part Insulated Earthing Safety Equipment Brochure

  • Connectors and tools for underground cables
  • Overhead line clamps
  • Earthing and short-circuiting devices with cables and bars
  • Lance earthing devices for outdoor switchgear up to 80 kA/0.5s and 63 kA/1s
  • High voltage detectors for nominal voltages up to 420 kV
  • Detectors and phase comparators for encapsulated switchgear
  • Compression material and compressions tools
  • Devices for current tapping and power supply

ARCUS ELEKTROTECHNIK Portable Earthing and Safety Equipment Brochure

  • Devices for Cable Installations up to 1kV
  • Devices for Overhead Lines up to 1kV
  • Devices for Installations above 1kV
  • Devices and Equipment for Railway Earthing
  • Safety Equipment
  • Earthing and Operating Rods

Giasco Safety Shoes 2022 Catalogue

United in diversity and strong enthusiasm in producing safety shoes, we propose us on the national and international market, with our brand "Made in Italy" offering certified products for the protection and wellness of the foot.
Our goal is to provide our dealers shoes forefront in terms of technology and comfort, capable of providing workers with full protection from all the dangers present in the various work situations, thus ensuring complete security.
We always pay attention to ethics, design, technology and innovation; we work actively to guarantee the complete satisfaction of the customer. It is precisely, the quality of the product offered, the extreme attention to care and the efficiency and timeliness of services that allow us today to be among the industry leaders in more than 90 countries.
However, our commitment has always been to fulfill complete satisfaction with the expectations of all our stakeholders. So in addition to retailers, we refer to the employees, the territory, the suppliers, the environment and the general society in which we live. This in order to promote a sustainable business and always ensure the best of all those who make up the team Giasco.
For this, a special thanks to them, because thanks their confidence in us, they allowed us from 1971 to the present, to not only grow and reach more and more goals, but most of all to be able to continue to operate with the enthusiasm that has always characterized us.
Oberon was founded in 1978 by Jack Hirschmann to offer a personal protection line of products. It began with the creation of the innovative Face-Fit® face shield. This design ushered in the idea that face shields could be made to protect the user from specific and unique hazards. Later, Oberon was approached by NASA to create a solution to the blinding effects of UV radiation during early space flights. Preliminary tests demonstrated goggles would be too bulky to be worn inside helmets, so a thin layer of gold was applied to the astronaut’s visors. This technology gave rise to Oberon’s “Gold Shield” and was found to be useful in space, but also provided solutions for radiant heat hazards in the workplace commonly found in foundries and steel mills. In 1985, Oberon invented the first Arc Flash face shield. This idea started with a phone call from an electric utility, which had experienced arc flash burns on their meter installers. The utility needed a way to protect their workers while allowing them to perform common electrical work tasks. Oberon answered the call and eventually created the first arc flash suit. The idea has now grown into an industry providing comprehensive safety for electricians, linemen, and contractors across utilities, industry, and municipalities around the world. Over the last 30 years, Oberon has continued to learn about the electrical safety business and the need for solutions in many different places around the world. With the implementation of rules and regulations like NFPA 70E and CSZ Z462 related to safety in the workplace, Oberon has sought to develop a comprehensive offering that would adhere to these guidelines and protect workers while performing common work tasks. The innovation continues today with the invention of our True Color Grey (TCG™) Arc Flash Face Shields. With Oberon’s TCG™ nearly clear face shield design the user can now see all the colors of the wires they are working on. This unique design solved an age-old problem for electrical workers and also created a new industry standard that has raised the bar for all manufacturers in the industry today.


The dangers of Arc Flash incidents and protecting your team with specialist Arc Flash, Flame Resistant and Anti Static clothing has never been as front-of-mind as it is today. And that prominence will only increase over the next few years.

Of course, understanding the risks to anyone working in power generation, petrochemicals, on the railways, in an industrial electrical environment or if they are breaking ground for a utility business is a fundamental part of your role, as is understanding how best to mitigate those risks.