Electrical Insulating Matting: What are the advantages of using insulated matting?

As unique industrial materials, insulated safety matting contributes to the safety and security of electrical operators working in both small and large industrial workplaces. They are often used for a number of different electrical purposes and so, as a result, they can be used in many ways in power plants, power transmission rooms and high voltage panels. 

Made from synthetic polymers, electrical matting is typically laid out on the floor in front of electrical panels or equipment. Once installed, the safety of the electrical operators is ensured by these insulating mats. 

So other than protecting users from electric shocks, what are the advantages of using rubber matting? 

Environmentally Friendly - Rubber is a material that can be recycled and reused easily. Whether it’s rubber tires, roadbed material or running tracks, these can all be made out of recycled rubber.  

Comfortable for User - Not only does using our mats protect the user from any hazardous materials and electric shocks, but they are soft and easy to work upon which prevents damage to the user’s joints. 

Variety - Due to its capabilities and advantages, electrical insulated mats are now important industrial resources. There are many different types of insulation you can use including high voltage mats which are hard wearing and switchboard matting that are highly insulated with a low temperature resistance. 

Durability - By using rubber, all of Boddingtons Electricals’ insulated mats are alkali, acid and oil proof as well as being flame retardant. 

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